established in 2019

Ultimately, The Librvry will provide a spectrum of research and licensing services for clients working in film/television and documentaries, but also, and most importantly, artists with smaller budgets who deserve the accessibility to utilize the content of their communities to study and create new works at an affordable cost.

The Library will work through two phases:

Phase I. Building the Archive, by working with artists on paid assignments to research and document Black communities across the Diaspora. This project is worldwide.

Phase II. Opening the collections within the community archive for affordable editorial licensing, where the money earned through licensing fees are returned to the original content creator, and a percentage goes back into the community for cultural enrichment programs and public art installations. The archive will also maintain a small percentage of the fee to help sustain itself through digital (and physical) repository expenses and content management services throughout the years to come.

I am extremely grateful for my current advisors, Russell Hamilton, Ladi’Sasha Jones, and Danielle A. Scruggs, all of whom, are on the front line with me on this project. Feel free to contact any of us to discuss partnerships, sponsorships, or educational opportunities.

Renata Cherlise