Renata Cherlise is a multidisciplinary, research-based visual artist who uses various mediums to explore themes of identity, familial interiors, and cultural practices. Cherlise's work seamlessly bridges her southern upbringing with contemporary methodologies in digital and physical spaces while reimagining themes of the Black experience. Cherlise is also the Founder of Blvck Vrchives and The Librvry.


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Zari Taylor is a freelance writer and blogger from New York City. She’s a recent graduate of the University of Virginia and will be pursuing a Ph.D. starting in the fall. She has been a fellow at the University of Texas San Antonio and the Schomburg Center for Research on Black Culture in Harlem, New York. Her curiosity in archives stems from her interest in global Black culture as well her interest in research, photography and storytelling.

Social Media Strategist

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Samira Saidi is a half Ghanaian, half Austrian, woman of colour, whose practice has the aim to inspect and shift the sociological structures of race, belonging, and explores the duality of intersectional identities through performance, film/photography, and writing.

Social Media Strategist + Community Outreach


A native of Arlington, Virginia. Traci Arnold currently works in social gaming overseeing partnership loyalty and strategy. She is a lover of music, travel, tech and everything for the culture.

Project Manager


Tiffany M. Johnson is a cultural producer, creative researcher, and Chicago native. As an evolving community organizer with interests in grassroots practices, her goals include expanding and testing the boundaries across cultural production, political education, and the arts to collaboratively shift the current socio-political landscape and to establish alternative community and social structures. Tiffany is also interested in exploring the relationship between archival content and the production of community lead art and educational projects. Tiffany’s ongoing goal is to collectively research and create alternative communal life practices and political structures for marginalized beings.

Project Manager



Ladi’Sasha Jones - Advisor

Russell Hamilton - Advisor

Danielle A. Scruggs - Advisor

Corey Campbell - Community Outreach